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What is Cash /Food For Assets?

Cash For Assets (CFA)/Food For Assets (FFA) is an approach where food insecure communities receive  incentives in form of food or cash. The incentive is aimed at filling in the food gap during hunger periods as they work on household or community assets/projects that improve their resilience to common shocks/hazards eg droughts, floods.

This is a joint World Food Programme (WFP) and Government of Kenya (GoK)  iniative with participation of many stakeholders at community, county and national levels. The targeted communities are the key stakeholders, and so decide on the priority project for them to implement.

Download FFA Manual - The Bigger Picture On Why We Do FFA

 For additional cash/food for assets guidlines click on links below:


  1. Annex A-1 Aligning FFA to WFP Programme Category
  2. MODULE A - Rationale for FFA -20 July 2011


  1. Annex B 1_Typology of Shocks - 20 July 2011
  2. Annex B 2_Aggravating factors - 20 July 2011
  3. Annex B 3_Livelihoods_20 JULY 2011
  4. Module B - Seasonal Livelihood Programming - 20 July 2011


  1. Annex C-1 Synopsis On Planning Approaches In Pastoral Areas
  2. Annex C-2 Basic Planning
  3. Annex C-3 High Capacity - Slm & Participatory Watershed Development
  4. Annex C-4 Planning Format For Basic Planning
  5. Module C - FFA Interventions 20july 2011


  1. Module D - Implementing FFA
  2. Rapid technical reference ANNEX 1


  1. Annnex E-1
  2. Annnex E-2
  3. Module E - Monitoring & Evaluation for FFA 20 July 2011


Cash For Assets Help Create Food Security
Cash For Assets Help Create Food Security

  WFP is working with communities on a variety of asset-creation projects - rainwater harvesting for human and livestock use, soil and water conservation, rehabilitation of degraded land and the production of drought-tolerant crops. These assets and the development of related skills enable communities to improve their resilience and increase food sufficiency. Although 63-year old Grace Gateria has no formal training, she...

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What is Cash/Food-For-Assets
What is Cash/Food-For-Assets

Cash transfers is used for providing food assistance in any WFP programme activity where market conditions allow. Cash transfers do require some changes to the assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring, and reporting processes for a project, and (in the absence of bag-markings) require the Country Office to develop new mechanisms for ensuring donor visibility. The following are the processes that are used...

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Project Proposal Criteria
Project Proposal Criteria

The Cooperating Partner (CP) completes the Project Proposal Format. The County level Project Steering Committee (CPSC) appraise the project and complete the Project Appraisal Form. The following are key criteria that the project must meet: Project must be from the identified food insecure pockets of the county. Must be a community-managed project as opposed to Public works types of Project (e. g. village...

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Identification of Projects
Identification of Projects

Project identification is the process where the community identify a need that needs to be addressed and together with the Cooperating Partner a project is identified. The Kenya Food Security Steering Group (KFSSG) together with County Steering Group (CSG) and the County Project Steering Committees (CPSC), the technical arm of the CSG, conducts a food security analysis in the counties...

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